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     "This happened to my son, who suffered for four years. He lost his income and property. He was put in jail. Only after a volunteer attorney took the case and put the accuser on the stand did her accusations come apart. The judge said, on the record, she was evasive, that she was not "willing to exchange truthful information", and that no reasonable person would conclude her story was credible. What was done to my son was evil. Every mother should read this book." 


Margaret Cox-Enders


     "Truth is fragile and can be easily distorted -- and even suppressed. Dr. Nelson has demonstrated how this has happened in America through the actions of feminists who have targeted traditional values in general and men in particular. His book is a cautionary tale about a problem that can no longer be ignored." 


Charles P. McDowell, Ph.D.

Supervisory Special Agent (Ret.)

U.S. Air Force Office of

Special Investigations


     "As a family law attorney, I've seen horrific examples of the exact systemic abuse that Dr. Nelson warns about in his outstanding work. This is a very important wake-up call." 


Marc E. Angelucci, J.D.

Attorney at Law




      "Thanks to feminist policies and the feminist training of judges, police officers, social workers, and university officials, no man is safe from a false accusation of domestic abuse or sexual assault. This book offers the horrifying proof, and explains how we can step back from the abyss. Every law school student and professor should read this book." 


Janice Fiamengo, Ph.D.

Author and Professor


     "Professionals must take notice of this excellent work which dispels many stereotypes and myths about boys and men." 


John Davis, J.D.

Author & former federal

and state prosecutor


Hardback  $26.99

(discounted 33% from cover price of $39.99)

Kindle  $19.99

Nook  $4.99







In the Kavanagh era this book about false accusations and the judicial destruction of innocent male lives is timely.


  • This book takes a hard look at an area of extreme failure by the judiciary: The issuing of family law "domestic violence" restraining orders (DVRO's) against men who have not committed any crime, no acts of violence, no acts of abuse, no stalking, no threatening---nothing.  As the book reveals (using official judicial training videos as the confirming source), family law DVRO can be issued for no cause, or for matters such as a dad intends to seek custody of his children.  This has irreparably harmed many children, men, families and women.


  • Family court judges are trained to believe all accusations of domestic violence or rape even though up to 39% of DV and up to 50% of rape accusations are false.  This book reviews the empirical data judges haven't been told about.


  • In this book Dr. Nelson explains, step by step, how every due process right is stripped from men when a family law DVRO is requested.  As he reveals, men don't have the right to present evidence, call witnesses, or even have a record created telling why a DVRO was issued (and they can be for life).

  • Dr. Nelson reviews the tremendous harm that is caused to innocent men when a no cause family law DVRO is issued.  It is devastating.  The penalties are worse than if they had been convicted of a felony crime.  Yet, they do not have the right to a state appointed attorney to defend them.  The process occurs in as little as three weeks.


  • From official records, Dr. Nelson reveals seven feminist beliefs taught to judges, in spite of the fact that every one of them has been empirically proven to be false.  These fake claims create bias in the minds of judges.


  • Not surprisingly, official judicial data obtained by Dr. Nelson shows judges trained on feminist judicial practice will--for the same set of facts--favor females by up to 620%.  Official data shows the tremendous implicit and explicit anti-male bias of family law judges.


  • Two chapters tell the stories of dozens of men whose lives were ruined by false accusations.


  • Funding of the family law DVRO machine is revealed, as well as the financial and legal incentives for women to seek family law DVRO's against their ex-male partners.


  • A lengthy chapter reveals the goals and strategies of feminism, which is the force behind feminist judicial practice (FJP).  To understand the true nature of FJP it is necessary to understand the hidden brutality feminism.  It helps the reader understand why feminist judicial practice drives judges to destroy innocent men.


  • Multiple examples of feminist obstruction and destruction of empirical data which falsifies their belief are revealed including how a feminist congresswoman destroyed a worldwide, 25 year Air Force study that showed about half of all accusations of rape are false.


  • The "circle of experts" phenomenon is described, supplemented by two flow charts showing how it occurs in amicus curiae briefs, courtroom testimony, judicial  and appellate decisions.


  • Multiple examples of feminist obstruction and destruction of empirical data which falsifies their beliefs are revealed including how a feminist congresswoman, Pat Schroeder, destroyed a worldwide 25 year Air Force study that found about half of all accusations of rape are false.  The book reveals solid empirical evidence that shows up to 39% of accusations of DV and 50% of accusations of rape are false.


  • Several amicus curiae briefs to the U.S. Supreme Court pertaining to DV are subjected to empirical analysis.  Shoddy scientific review and many serious errors revealed. 

  • U.S. v. Castleman (134 S.Ct. 1405, 2014) is subjected to empirical analysis, revealing many mistaken claims about DV made by Justice Sotomayor, author of the decision. 

  • Claims about DV made by a "domestic violence expert" who regularly testifies against men are also subjected to empirical scrutiny.  Many serious errors are revealed.

  • One chapter recommends dozens of ways men can avoid being falsely accused--or, how they might respond if it occurs.  <== Worth the purchase price alone.


  • The book closes with dozens of recommended judicial, appellate, and legal reforms necessary to purge feminist judicial practice from the legal system.


  • Every mother should read this book, and then make her sons read it.


  • You will not read find this information anywhere else.  Dr. Nelson is probably the only researcher in history to obtain such an extensive, largely concealed set of judicial training documents.

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